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Hi My Name is....Pneumothorax,RN,BSN - page 3

I guess this is the part where i have to migrate over to the Nursing Forum, rather than the Nursing student forum.. bc i have graduated, passed NCLEX & start orientation on the 16th. :w00t: be... Read More

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    Quote from Camwill
    I think it is so neat to see you bridge over. I remember seeing your post as a student and then hursing student and now a nurse. I am very happy for you!!!!
    aww thank you!!

    ya ive been around here forever.... its def a labor of love hahaha

    i cant wait to start getting paid for what i was doing for free the past 2 years hahah
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    Right!!!! You have earned it
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    congrats....cheers for Pneumothorax!
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    Yay! Congrats! I have always liked reading your posts I am a Fall semester away from graduating so I'm sure I'll be on here and running into you! Keep us updated!
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    FINALLY!!!!!! (wiping sweat off the brow)
    Congratulations!! Welcome to Bedlam!!!! (just kidding)

    Well Done!
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    congratulations on you achievements. welcome to the gang.
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    Thank you everyone!!!
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    Quote from Pneumothorax
    be gentle & please dont eat me...im not that tasty LOL
    Oh I'll eat practically anything. I am not a picky eater.