Hi Everyone! Starting a new path.

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    Hello Everyone,
    Well I have signed up to take my enterance exam the HESI A2 in October. I have finished all my pre-reqs. I am going try to get in the nursing school for this spring classes. A little about me. I am 33 years old male who has been married to the love of my life for over 10 years and we have 4 wonderdul children. I have a background in IT. But what is making me change my mind is that I am a Volunteer Fire Fighter and EMT. I love the EMT work and want to do so much more. So the school that I am applying for has night classes and is designed to work with people who can't quit there day job. Well I look forward in spending more time on here.
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    welcome and good luck
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    and best wishes as you start on the path to becoming a nurse!
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    Welcome to the cite....Aloha~
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    Welcome Sir!!!! Good luck in All of your endeavors!!

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    OP, first of all, thank you for what you do as a volunteer Firefighter, and let me congratulate you on your desire to further your education as I wish you & your loved ones the very best always....Aloha~
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    Thank you everyone for the welcome!
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    Welcome to the site!

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