Hi Everyone! So exited to be here!

  1. Just saying hello- I'm a new member and I am currently pre-nursing. I am studying hard for the TEAS-V I will be taking in Feb. I am planning on attending Ulster Boces program for my LPN. I am beyond excited to start taking this step that I have put off for way to long, due to fear I would not be able to succeed as a nurse. I am no longer doing that! So, hello everyone!
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    Welcome to the site...as I wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors... Aloha~
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    Many successes your way!

    Now rock that TEAS-V test.
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    welcome aboard!
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    Nice to have you here. You will find allnurses to be a lifesaver/mindsaver over the next few years.
    Hi Dreaming!

    I just started my account here as well (less than an hour ago). I've been wanting to go ahead with a career change into nursing for several years now, but was always busy with work. Well, I've decided to stop wanting and to take action, and on the 9th I sign up for my pre req's That is when my "Lottery number-My school does registration by last name and seniority-will allow it. I'm really hoping all of the seats in Bio 189 aren't taken. This class is NOTORIUS for filling up quickly at my University. Should start up in January. I wish you the best of luck