Hi everyone, i am a newbie Hi everyone, i am a newbie | allnurses

Hi everyone, i am a newbie

  1. 0 hi, im so glad i joined this forum, it seems nice, just wanted hi , i am in an adn program and will be done in may 06. I LIVE IN BALTIMORE, MARYLAND.I cant wait. I am having major decision problems regarding job selection but i know all is well. Nursing school has been one of the hardest things for me but it has been a challenge that i have kinda enjoyed. Looking forward to taking my boards then starting an rn to bsn program. I think this forum is great btw.
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    [banana][font="arial black"]welcome!!![/banana]

    [font="arial black"]welcome to the group. wow!! you finish next month...great job. you are right. i think it was the hardest thing that i ever did. good luck in your job search and good luck on boards.

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    Good luck to you in whatever you do!

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