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Help with CGFNS/ Job in Fl

  1. 0 Hi Beautiful nurses,

    I just received my CGFNS result first attempt it reads fail.The next step is difficult to decide .A Nigerian nursing graduate , First failure since my whole life but I decided to move on . All I want is an advice on the available remedial classes in florida where I stay presently so I can be busy while I await my ATT for Nclex.
    I tried to get a job here but no hospital would take me without RN license for florida.
    pls help me because I am really confused. U can send private email.

    Nurses are Beautiful !
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    Hey we are handsome too! Don't forget the Male Nurses.
    Welcome to the site idongedet!
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    HI! WElcome to the site. You might want to post your question in the Florida Nurses Forum to get more responses.