Hello there ;)

  1. hello there ,
    first of all i'd like to say hats off to all the nurses that have come before me and good luck to all that will follow.
    i am a returning nursing student that had to re- arrange a few things and think about the idea of becoming a nurse. but i think being a nurse is more important to me than i thought. i have been working for 11 years with challenged individuals and always admired the nurses in the er / hospital .
    and after i helped my best friend during her delivery of my god daughter it was finally clear this is what i want to do for the rest of my days.
    to all the established nurses " know that your work is greatly appreciated!!!!"
    to the nursing students; " yes, you can really doe this and your mind will adjust to all the info , slowly but surely."
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  3. by   Ari RN
    Welcome back to the profession we all love!
    It's challenging but at the end its all worth it.
    Well, hope you enjoy yourself here with us wacky people!
    Take care Dreameyes1.
  4. by   Rep
    Hello Dreameyes! Welcome to allnurses. Hope you enjoy this wonderful site for nurses
  5. by   nursebedlam
    Hullo hullo,, hope you have a great time at this excellent site, welcome to allnurses....