Hello my dear brothers and sisters...

  1. Hello dear nurses, i'm glad to be a part of this huge fraternity of nurses... Thank you Brian Short RN for founding allnurses.com... I'm Manu Puthusseril, Registered Nurse, from The Republic of India, finished my degree in nursing in 2009 served as an ER nurse in a tertiary hospital in Cochin... Working part time with Radio broadcasting as both a Radio Jockey and a journalist in KOCHI FM... I'm here to meet new people, and get to know of the various nursing perpectives accross the world and also to improve English...Glad to be with you people... Sending out greetings and good wishes to all my Nurse brothers and sisters around the world... Sending out a handful of prayers for the betterment of our profession... kudos to all nurses...
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  3. by   nursel56
    to allnurses, RJmanuone! Glad you decided to join us!
  4. by   RJmanuone
    hi nursel56... thank you and glad to meet you... i'm new to the forums and all... i spent most of the time on the internet on facebook... and there the discussions have less pulse... if its about some agitation its a good platform, but for spooling out information on nursing perspectives i feel this forum has that punch... forums are definitely a better place to have more serious and long term discussions... i find you are in California, one of the places i'd like to visit someday...
  5. by   gogu13
    hi everone i am new applicant going for nursing...

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