Hello from Mississauga

  1. Hey everyone!

    New RPN here from Mississauga/Canada. I graduated recently from a Practical Nursing program and am currently looking for work. I'm looking forward to exploring and getting the most out of this site.

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  3. by   megan005
    Hi welcome! I'm also from the GTA, I graduated in May and wrote the CRNE in June. This site is awesome and I found it really helpful when I was looking for a job. The interview tips on here are great. Good Luck
  4. by   VickyRN
  5. by   Murse86
    Thanks for the warm welcomes. Its been a week or so since I registered with the CNO. Applied to dozens of rpn jobs all over Ontario. No calls yet but I'm hopeful. Something's gotta give!
  6. by   Shynn
    hi did you get a jobi just started applying im just waiting

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