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Hello Everyone :D

  1. 0 My Name is Avianale and I just wanted to formally introduce myself!
    This site isn't new to me since I usually refer to this place whenever I have questions about my career as a nurse but recently decided to sign up since I come here all the time anyway lol.

    Besides that, here are little fun facts about me: currently a pre-nursing student (will apply for next year to either KCC's or UH Hilo nursing program), I'm from Hawaii (lol from the school's I've just mentioned, I'm sure y'all already assumed that), I love fashion/instagramming/watching korean dramas, and I'm a CNA

    I have so many questions that still need answering so hopefully you won't mind giving me a hand and helping me out.

    Thank you and nice meeting you guys!
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    welcome to the cite...as i wish you the best in all of your future endeavors...aloha~

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    Thanks guys!!