Hello, all!

  1. 0 Hello, all!

    I have been on this site since December (I think), but had never introduced myself! I am currently a middle school music teacher, and I am thinking of making a career change to nursing. It is a hard decision to make, so that is a lot of what I am posting about these days!

    If I do go into nursing, I think I may be interested in long term elderly care, hospice, or perhaps labor/delivery/infants. Beginning of life and end of life, right? I know those are specialized areas that would take a while to get into.... just dreaming a bit...

    I have enjoyed "lurking" on this site and reading all kinds of posts from hopefuls like me, nursing students, new nurses and experienced nurses. I enjoy chatting with people and really need to bounce my ideas off someone besides my husband, as he is getting kind of worn out from listening!

    So, feel free to add me as a contact so we can message! Nurses rock!:heartbeat
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    Baubo516 has '3' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Skilled Nursing/Rehab'. From 'Iowa'; Joined Jan '11; Posts: 426; Likes: 473.

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