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  1. 0 Hello! I never properly introduced myself!

    I am a recent Graduate from Florida. I have my Associates in Nursing and Icurrently in the process of applying for schools to obtain my BSN.

    I took the NCLEX-RN in Chicago, IL and recently relocated to this area. I passed the NCLEX in Dec and now I diligently wait on my license application in the mail! ( Heard it takes a long time to receive the Pass letter with the application from Illinois, so I will wait as patiently as I can ).

    I look forward to posting and contributing a lot more to this board as I join the job searchers in the nursing field and I pray that I find a position in this profession that I worked incredibly hard to get!

    Very nice to meet all of you!
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    Thought your user name looked familiar!
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    [color=#2f4f4f]••●welcome![color=#2f4f4f]●••[color=#a52a2a] strawberryfields (love the name) glad you decided to join us!
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    Thank you !! I love the Beatles if you can't tell by my username :P