Hello! :)

  1. greetings!
    i actually registered way back in 2009 and have lurked in the threads occasionally, but i just sent my very first post. not sure why it took me so long to decide to get involved...my family and friends would tell you i am very opinionated. :d

    i've been a nurse for three years, all on telemetry. i work the night shift and love love love the teamwork required since we are pretty short staffed. i have a bs in recreational therapy, worked in case mgmt in community mental health for a few years and was so stressed out i knew i had to move on. after a couple of retail gigs, i finally made the decision to go to nursing school.

    overall, i am happy with my decision, though i still get pretty stressed out at times. still, my previous jobs can certainly put a lot of my nursing complaints in perspective (i have some pretty crazy stories from my non-nursing jobs!).

    i have really enjoyed reading a lot of the threads here. it is nice to know i am not alone when i have had a crummy day and confusing situation.

    hope to be spending some more time here!

    nurse leigh

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    Hi and thanks for taking the time to post here in the intro forum
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    Hope to see a lot more of you around! :spin: