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Greetings from Israel

  1. 18 Hello, everyone. I joined earlier this month, but I haven't stood up and said hi yet.

    My given name is Claire. I was a psychiatric/mental health NP before I had to retire for health reasons earlier this year. I was really gutted over the year or so that saw me having to give up my case load, then stop seeing emergencies, then stop supervising students, and finally just... stopping.

    Finding was a God send! This is a great way to stay in touch with the profession, to hear from peers and also from the young ones starting out, and maybe even to helping a little bit. I feel like a nurse again.

    Other than that... I live in Jerusalem, on the line between the east and west parts of the city. I used to be a lacemaker, but had to give that up because of eye trouble and neuropathy. I have metastatic breast cancer and I blog about that. I spend far too much looking at cute baby animals online. I like detective stories, especially British police procedurals.

    It's very nice to meet everyone here.
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    Retired APRN has '35' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Psychiatry, Mental Health'. From 'Jerusalem'; 60 Years Old; Joined Oct '13; Posts: 212; Likes: 676.

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    So nice to meet you, Claire!
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    Nice to meet you too! ((HUGS))
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    Welcome to AN

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    Welcome, this is a great place to be among peers. Once a nurse, always a nurse.
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    Shalom, vey baruch haba!
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    Welcome Claire! How lovely to have the skill of lacemaking, I love lace and all sorts of eyelets. God Bless!
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    So what is nursing like in Israel?
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    Greetings, Claire!

    I was in Israel for two weeks. I felt completely at home. Fantastic place. Absolutely amazing history, peoples, cultures, and land.

    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, but glad you are here on All Nurses.
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