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  1. I am a new a student, first year nursing program, Hello everyone!
    I need so pointers on how to get some aide with $ for school. I am checking into a provisional program, and the total cost of tution is 40,000. Now I thought this was crazy! Even with grants and loans I need 5,500 to complete my registration.
    I would be glad to hear from your vetrans of nursing who are out there. You can post replys here, or email me directly, Thanks Newbe
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  3. by   RN BSN 2009
  4. by   TheCommuter

    Visit if you haven't done so already. They offer a variety of student loan products when all other options have been exhausted.
  5. by   nitewarrior
    You can try it is a scholarship site powered by monster. It is free scholarships. I dont personally know anyone it has worked for, but it may be worth a try.
  6. by   Tweety
    Check out this link on our student forum.

    Good luck to you. Welcome!