1. 3 Hello everyone from

    I'm a first time subscriber to the forum, and I am very interested.

    I have already graduated nursing school, and I am only a few steps away from being the nurse I desire.

    Hope to make a few friends, and find some help while I am here

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    Welcome to allnurses! Best wishes in achieving your career goals!
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    Nice to meet you. Congrats on the completion of nursing school.
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    WELCOME! anxious to hear how you make out!
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    Congratulations. Eat lunch on break and don't eat nurses.
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    Never ever be afraid to ask a question even if you think it is stupid. Staff will trust you more with the "stupid" questions. I have been asking "stupid" questions for 30 years! Never think you know it all because you do not. You never will. Patients are not machines. You are entering a tough job and good luck! Smile a lot.
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    Hi JKap,
    I know the feeling of ecstasy. It won't be easy but this is the best job/profession you can have. I wouldn't have it any other way. Welcome to the fraternity/sorority. God Bless.
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    As Vishwamitr says, welcome to the "club", a "club" like no other I can think of esp if you are a hospital nurse. Hard to explain but you will understand when the time comes.
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    Welcome to Allnurses!

    There are lots of good people here...and then there's me.

    This site can provide you with a tremendous amount of info. Don't be afraid to ask questions here, and make good use of the Search function. Lots & lots of good forums (fori?).
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    Welcome to !
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    Oh my god
    I didn't think I'd get such a huge response like this!

    I'm feeling very welcomed!

    Thanks for the love everyone. It's really appreciated!

    I'll be snooping around and learning the rules of the site before I post anything.
    I have plenty incentive to be here

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