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Good afternoon everybody!

  1. 0 I would just like to take the time and say hello to all of the great nurses and aspiring nurses that belong to this site. I have lurked this site for a while, seeking answers to questions that I have had in the past and just decided to up and join. I figured why not, I've utilized this site enough, so I might as well become a member.

    A little bit about my nursing career and experience-

    For the past year I have been working in a neurology outpatient center at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. I cannot say that I am crazy about my job, but for only having my ASN, I could not be happier to have secured a job here. I hope to some day be able to secure a position in a hospital as a floor nurse, potentially on a Med/ Surg, Tele, CCU, or PACU. Unfortunately, that may not occur until I complete my BSN, which I am in the process of working on. (Sigh...) Someday I'll be done with the BSN, but until then, I'm stuck here.

    Have a great day everybody!
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    Hello, Cartman ( They killed Kenny!!!)

    Don't ever say "only an ASN"
    That's like saying you're only a nurse. An associate degree can take you far.

    P.S. Be careful what you wish for
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    glad you decided to join us, eric!