Endo/SDS early in career, is this a career suicide?

  1. Hi everyone, I desperately need advice. I always wanted to end up in IR/SDS/GI/PACU outpatient kind of place. I though the roads to that lead through ICU. I got an affer for a pool position in GI, computer side, not scope side. I'd lose benefits (i can get on my husband's insurance though), tuition reimbursement, owe them for tuition money already given to me, but most importantly, my fear is I'll lose my nursing skills and won't be hirable anywhere else. I'd be limited to admit/monitor/discharge in endo/SDS. As sweet as this job sounds to me right now (and the managers and preceptor seem SO NICE!!!!), am I hurting myself in the long run if I take it??? Please share your thoughts. Should I take it or should I go and do icu for a couple of years, and then go to ambulatory care? I also am planning on getting a graduate degree in a couple of years. And hopefully start a family. Please help! Undecided.
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  3. by   Inori
    take the job, learn what you can after 1-2 yrs you can look for a new and or better spot. as a new grad the biggest problem is no nursing experience. Good luck
  4. by   Georgia peach RN
    I agree with the comment above. I believe you will gain new skills.