1. Hi y'all! And to whomever thought of this, many thanks! In the hopes of gaining an LPN license while still working, I just became a CNA. Does anyone know of an online program for LPN training that would allow me to do the clinincals at the LTCF where I work? I did scan lots of education sites but they seem to all require some type of degree already. My education is only to 12th grade. Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   tjb6929
    Hi jingles, is there a certain reason that you need to get your degree online? kids? money? just curious, i am currently an LPN, but i am graduating in May '07 with my RN degree. i tried to do the online thing, but it didn't work for me. everyone is different- however i feel that going to a college you gain more experience through clinical time and your fellow students. your teacher is there if you have questions or need extra help. the problem i ran into with the online program is all you do is answer 1000's of questions and then pay 200-300 dollars for each test you need to take. if you fail the test you have to pay again to retake it. this was just my issues with it, i decided to just go to ivy tech. i have been very happy with ivy tech and i feel they get you through the programs and you get excellent clinical experiences. i went to ivy tech for my LPN as well. just thought i would share my experience, hope it was somewhat helpful. let me know if you have any more questions.
  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you.