Burnout phase?

  1. I've been a nurse for 5+ years and I just really do not feel satisfied with my job lately. Recently obtained my BSN and feel like I could be doing something different like education or something.. Please tell me other nurses feel this way too??
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  3. by   Marisette
    Perhaps, you are in the begining of buntout stage. I think I have been there. No job satisfaction, but there were bills to pay, children to care for and so on, so I ignored the signs. There was no time for change,no time to stop and think about myself, my future, so I just kept going to work everyday and making the best of things. In time "no job satisfaction" became frequent anxiety. Most recently, nightmares and feeling trapped, like there is no way out because of the nursing job market. I have a BSN for many years, but it's almost like a entry into practice degree now a days. If you want to pursue a career in education, you may need to go for an MSN. I don't think vacations are a cure for bunout, but certainly can't hurt.
  4. by   xvii
    Im going on seven years as an RN and think I have hit burn out. I felt tired of nursing here and there but snapped out of it. This phase I am in has been for several months and it has me reevaluating my whole life plan lol. I feel stuck. Im looking at new jobs, going back for MSN or travel nursing. Just have to keep trying things or researching other options or ideas to find a spot in nursing.