Back into the fold

  1. I was last here as a first year nursing student in 2004, I think.

    Since then, I've graduated, divorced, remarried, and moved from South Arkansas to the heart of Texas.

    I am beginning a new job in OB after being out for almost 3 years. The hospital is a faith-based facility and we begin and end each shift with devotionals and prayer which I LOVE. The head of our department is an AWHONN leader.

    My husband is a wonderful, caring, loving, unselfish man. We have a fabulous church family.

    I hope smilingblueeyes and canoehead are still around.
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  3. by   GitanoRN
    Welcome back to the site. Unquestionably, you brought back memories of when I use to work in my native country of Madrid, Spain, since most of the hospitals are faith base facilities and that's how we always begun our shift with a prayer. Wishing you the best in all of your future endeavors as I send you a hug from across the miles...Aloha~
  4. by   nursefrances
    Welcome back Browneyedgirl. Good to hear life is going well for you. Nice to meet you.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Welcome back!

    And yes, canoehead and SmilingBluEyes are still around, although not as active as they were in previous years.