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  1. hello all! i'm [color=#40e0d0]nurselife and yes, i am a nerd. however, if anyone else read the book about margaret, then at least the joke is not totally lost. (if not, well....) this is my very first post and how right for it to be an introduction so i can meet some of you and perhaps make a few friends. the internet is a busy, lonely place.

    i decided to register on because i have been an anonymous reader for some time now. for the past two years i've been desperately trying to get into nursing school and this has been my go to site for all questions. thank heavens there is a place to get serious feedback from people who understand the issues we all face at work and in life! since i finally got an acceptance letter this may (mighty trumpets playing) i took the plunge and decided to stop ghost reading. [color=#ee82ee]

    i'm really looking forward to my first year of nursing school. i kind of found my love for healthcare accidently, and hope to become an or nurse because i already have a solid background with working in the surgery department as an spd tech. (we clean and assemble the surgical instrument trays, for those who don't know what an spd tech is.) it is a bit overwhelming to think of being a full time worker and nursing student but, i'm a fighter and up for the challenge. is anyone else out there a new student in my shoes? if so, i'd be glad to hear from you!
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  3. by   GitanoRN
    welcome to the cite.....aloha~

  4. by   nursefrances
    Welcome NurseLife. Glad you joined this wonderful nursing community.
    I had a signed copy of said book when I was a child and read it over and over. So, yes...I got your joke.
    It sounds like you already know your way around the site but just in case, don't forget to check out the student nurse forums. Also check out the "specialties" tab to learn more about OR nursing. Hope to see you around.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Welcome to the site!
  6. by   Nurse2BLife
    Thanks for the welcomes!!!
  7. by   Nurse2BLife
    Name change, it is now Nurse2BLife
  8. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from nurse2blife
    name change, it is now nurse2blife
    it has a nice ring to it....wishing you a great weekend... aloha~
  9. by   Nurse2BLife
    Thanks GitanoRN, hope u have a good weekend too!

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