Advice: Medical Librarian thinking of going into nursing

  1. Hi All,
    I got a masters degree in Library Science and Information at the end of 2010. I've worked/volunteered/interned in several medical libraries but I'm not very satisfied in the work nor do I think it is a stable field of employment for the future. Medicine has always interested me, but I never had the courage to actually pursue it until I started talking with nurses that come to the library for information. I think I'm ready to go into the profession, but I want to do it the *right* way.

    Would a background in medical libraries be a plus for a nurse?

    I'm seeing a lot of information about the associates program vs. the BSN and I'm not sure which route to take. I have a family friend who was first a lawyer, then got her associates and has been working as a hospice nurse in Virginia. The more I'm looking into things, an accelerated BSN seems like a good path, but how could I get practical on the job experience if I'm in school full time? Is getting an associates first a safe route into nursing while perhaps working part time as a nursing assistant? I just want to peruse this career path correctly. My concern is seeing all these posts about RNs who can't find work. The US bureau of labor statistics lists nursing as a growing profession. Is this not the case?

    Any advice would help me! Thanks
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  3. by   GitanoRN
    welcome to the cite, and don't forget to checkout the "student" forum it could answer most of your concerns. in addition, i do agree with with the accelerate bsn program it could be beneficial to you as it could fit into your situation, wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors..aloha~
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