*Officially* new to this site, so close to graduation!

  1. 0 Hello, all!

    I've been lurking on this website for quite some time, and I figured I might as well join in on the action. I'll be graduating from a diploma program in December. I start my first RN job in an Intensive Care Nursery in January. I'm so excited to have landed my dream job! Now I just have to survive the NCLEX...

    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. Thank you all for your wisdom thus far! You've all helped me maintain a few shreds of sanity in the past couple of years!

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    Welcome, Nikita! Congrats on your upcoming graduation and the new job!
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    Thank you! I'm looking forward to it.
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    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on your upcoming accomplishment, as I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors... Aloha~
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    Thank you! I'm going to take those little clapping guys to my final exam with me

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