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which post-secondary is best for me?

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    i'm still not sure about which college/university is offering a good nursing program. i was going to apply for Langara but they are no longer accepting application for 2012 so now i'm trying my best to get into BCIT but i'm afraid i might not have the chance (cause it's so competitive). Then i heard that douglas and kwentlen have nursing program in their school too so i am wondering if their nursing program are any good? i know it's best to ask them in person but i'm so busy these day i dont have time to attend any info session. the year is about to end and i have to get the application done fast. please help and give me some advice/information about nursing program in kwentlen and douglas. are they a good place to go to if i want to study nursing(RN)? or maybe there is another college/universities that are offering good nursing program?

    thank you
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    Worked with nurses from all of them. The quality of the nurse depends on the quality of the student.

    Make the time and go to the information sessions.