Which hospitals and companies in Canada are hiring nurses from the Philippines?

  1. 0 Hi im an RN here in the Philippines and i am very interested to go to Canada and work. So far, i have been unsuccessful in my attempts and have no idea which and where to start. I have three years working experience here. I need advice on how to go about the proceedings and which people i should approach. Please help me out.
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    All you can really do is apply to facilities and hospitals in the province/area you wish to live and work in.
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    You will also need to get a nursing license and a visa allowing you to work.
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    As said above, you will need a work visa. It will help if you take some transfer courses as well - look up a college in the city you want to work in, and view their online courses for internationally-educated nurses that assist in transfering. Check out College of Nurses of Ontario for nursing registration, standards, etc in Ontario, Canada.
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    They won't directly hire you unless you're already a registered nurse in Canada. Work on your immigration first or work visa and then register as a nurse once you come here. That's what I've been doing. Good luck to you!
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    not always as long as you have eligibility to sit CRNE a employer may consider you for a job the problem is finding a employer willing to go with Temp Worker Permit or PR seeing as current FSW list is closed until the new year
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    What everyone seems to be skating around is there are no overseas recruiting drives that are currently ongoing. New grads in my province are still looking for full time lines.

    Unless the OP has a skill set that is highly needed, she's just going to have to go through the process like every other applicant.
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    hi, how did you process your visa?

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