What are my options after 3 unsuccessful CPNRE exam?

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    Hi everyone,

    All nurses and nursing related profession, Please, please help me here with all your intelligent knowledge and information.

    Recently, i took CPNRE for third time and i failed. I am now TOTALLY CONFUSED!!
    It's not because i am not interested in the profession. In fact, i lost two of my family before i wrote
    my first and third test which affected my preparation as well as mental state. Though i did completed
    my diploma in Practical Nursing, I am now confused what to do since i couldn't clear the exam. The only
    option i can think of are either work now as PSW since i was unsuccessful 3 times
    in CPNRE exam.

    Does anyone know if i can do bridging to RN despite failing 3 times in CPNRE?
    Or, if I want to study RPN again or for RN, is there a way i can do it. How does it work?

    Guide me please?? Help me here and God will help you.

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    i am in the same boat, just found yesterday... let me know if you find any possible option....
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    Unfortunately I'm on the same boat as well. My third attempt to write the CPNRE was in September of this year, and I found out yesturday that I failed for the third time. I tried different studying strategies but nothing seemed to work. I called CNO today RE: what to do next but all they were able to provide was for me to wait for a couple of weeks to receive a package in the mail as to what to do next.
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    Do you know any college here in Toronto area, where you can take refresher course to get eligible again and for how long it should be? I passed from Sheridan clge, called them but they have no answer for this. What kind of info/ advice that package will provide us, any clue?
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    I tried asking the CNO representative of what the package consists of but all she could tell me was to wait for the package (so much for their help huh). I was reading around the internet RE: ppl that are going or went through the same as us and they seem to pull out diff options that can be brought to the table. We either get a fourth chance, take a year of studying in order to upgrade or re-due the whole course. I guess only time can tell.
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    thanks for reply. looks like no one has answer for poor people like us. so, lets wait and see what happens next.
    lets be in contact and share if we get any option or any update.
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    That would be great actually! I'm so glad I came across this website because I am able to see that I'm not going through this alone. Feel free to message me at my hotmail: katherina_dc13@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from you guys soon! And remember keep your heads up because there is still some hope.
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    I'm an RN. Why would you want to consider bridging if you've failed your exam? The answer would be no, because you are required to hold an active PN license to bridge. Not to mention, if you can't pass the PN exam, you probably won't pass the CRNE. The content is virtually the same.
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    I've only ever met one PN who failed three times. She wasn't eligible for a fourth attempt. It was almost like an act of God was required to have that option made available.

    Her only option was to take the refresher. I lost contact with her and never did find out what her outcome was.

    Step away from contemplating an RN course. You are required to have a valid practice permit as an LPN to able to enroll in these courses. Depending on which province you live in, you are also required to have a work history as an LPN to be considered to do the degree.

    Good luck. If English isn't your first language, perhaps brushing up your reading skills might be in order.
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    I am acquainted with one person who failed 3 times. She is now working as a PSW.
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