US RN -> Peru, Chile, Indonesia short term? US RN -> Peru, Chile, Indonesia short term? | allnurses

US RN -> Peru, Chile, Indonesia short term?

  1. 0 If in 2 or 3 years from now my SO gets transferred (mining) to these countries for a year, what are the prospects of being able to work as a nurse there?
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    I see no reply but did you ever find out more? I'm having lots of trouble getting information and nursing registration in Chile.
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    Zero info sorry
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    I did a medical mission to Peru. The nurses are hired by the government. They told me they get short contracts (I think Noemi said 6 months) at which time they have to reapply but there is no guarantee they'll get re-hired. Talk about stress. This was in the public hospitals. I have no idea what it's like in the VERY few private hospitals.
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    Have you guys been able to find out any information regarding transferring your RN license to Chile?