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US nursing student to Australia

  1. 0 Hi,

    I'm currently enrolled in a BSN program in the US, graduating in May 2011. I've never worked as a nurse before. This is my very first degree.

    I'm looking to work in Australia upon graduation. I've been searching online but was unable to find any worthy information about this transition.

    Could you please help?

    My questions are:
    1/ What are the requirements in order to work as a new grad nurse in Australia?
    2/ What exams do I need to take in order to be certified as a new grad nurse in Australia?
    3/ What documents/procedures I have to go through?

    Thank you very much
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    Try checking the international forum, there have been several people in the last few weeks with the same questions.

    I will suggest that you get a job in the US for at least a year before going overseas - trying to make the transition from student to RN is hard enough without also trying to learn the language and culture of another country.