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    My name is Kait and I graduate from my BScN program in April of this year. I've always dreamed of traveling to Great Britain and practicing as a nurse there for a year or two. I know that there has to be a minimum of two years experience for most travel nursing positions so I need to work to get there but I had a couple of questions for everyone:

    A) Has anyone had any travel nursing experiences, anywhere in the world, that they'd like to share?

    B) What are some tips that you can give a young grad for finding a good travel nursing company (hopefully one that would be able to find my husband a job as well)?

    Thank you for your input! I look forward to reading your posts!

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    great questions, I hope you get some answers because I have some very similar questions.
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    The UK is suffering financially similar to the USA. You have to have a work visa and have your credentials checked which is a different educational system then the USA. Short answer not probable.
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    You would need to see if you are eligable to register with NMC (registration council) first off.

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