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    I'm a foreign registered nurse. I would like to apply to take the NCLEX of CA BON. I went to the state in 2015 for work and travel in 2015 and got issued SSN number in 2015.My question is that can I be able to use that SSN of mine issued in 2015 to apply for CA BON and got issued an actual license later on after passed the nclex.Please kindly advice.
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  3. by   steppybay
    If the SSN is a work authorized one, there should be no problem.
  4. by   Sunnyacezz
    Yes,it is a work authorized one in 2015.It's SSN type 2 hehe.
  5. by   Shazab
    SSN is not a problem there is concurrency issues in California right now so u need to ask the BON if ur application will be accepted or u are required to study for additional OB and Med Surg classes.