Scholarship/sponsorship for man degree

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just want to ask if any of you know some scholarship or sponsorship available for Master's degree in Nursing (MAN) in the Philippines or outside the country, and what are the requirements? I have read on the net that in the Philippines DOLE and DepEd offers such, but I am not qualified to acquire the said scholarship. For DOLE, one has to be a union member and for DepEd one has to be a full-time and a regular faculty at a university.I am none of those. I really want to enroll for an MAN degree, but due to financial constraints I am unable to do so. I have been licensed since april 2007 and have worked as a Clinical Instructor, but due to some political issues inside the institution I have been sent out of the faculty list.

    Any helpful answer on my query will be highly solicited and appreciated. Thanks!
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