RN fr. Phils need help re:CG and NCLEX

  1. 0 Hi nurses..Im just new here and I need some advice. I just came here in New Jersey last mo. and i already have a greencard. Just wanted to know if I can apply NCLEX in NY since they dont require CG exam? PLs help cuz Im confuse But Im willing to work in New Jersey when I already have the license...Thanks and God bless!
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    New Jersey does not require CGFNS exam they just require CES and appears they also require English exam. Suggest you apply direct to NJ as you may end up still having to meet requirements as trained outside the US http://www.nj.gov/lps/ca/nursing/fornurse_app.pdf
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    NY application will take longer than NJ. They will want a CVS (through CGFNS). Its new york's special version of the CES. If you have already sent all your requirements to CGFNS and they can translate that into a CVS, the process may be a little faster for you.

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