Respiratory Assessment!

  1. 0 Hi there,

    I'm in my first year in a BScN program and our group is soon to be evaluated on the Respiratory, Abdominal, Peripheral Vascular, Neurological and Muskuloskeletal assessments.
    I am most nervous about conducting the Respiratory portion as I can not seem to find if I need to start with auscultating the anterior or posterior of the body?
    If someone could help me out or share their knowledge, that would be great!
    Also, any tips/pointers on any of the above assessments would be so kind.
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    Why don't you ask the teacher where to start?

    Best of luck. I remember that practical demonstration. It was nerve wracking. But we all passed.
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    It doesn't really matter whether you start with the front or the back.

    Have you looked at the the health assessment resources in this thread?
    RN2007 attached a file that an instructor made for their class, it looks pretty helpful

    also there are many other great links on the thread
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