Preparing for RN job interview

  1. I'm now preparing for a job interview with Rumailah hospital in Doha. They don't say what kind of nursing job they are hiring for. The hospital's website says they are a rehabilitation centre. But, a recent report dated Nov 24/06 (from the University of Calgary) says it is converting to a general hospital.
    What kind of questions should I prepare for the interview?

    My job interview strategy so far has been
    (1) researching the organization and/or job I'm applying for;
    (2) writing possible job-interview questions;
    (3) writing my own answers (based on my experience, etc.)
    (4) practice answering these questions in mock interviews

    Do you have any input?

    Thanks. snoopynurse
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  3. by   augigi
    If it's a phone interview, I write my answers to possible questions and stick them on the wall near the phone, also write down what they ask and your answers. I would also ask what kind of orientation/new staff support they have for foreign nurses, what shifts they have, what kind of patient ratios.
  4. by   batasMTR_RN
    please try to sell yourself by building up you personality.. i mean your work ethics and try to show the interviewee that you are able to work under pressure and with minimun supervision.... goodluck