Pregnant immigrant applicant for medical exam

  1. Hi. Ive been a reader of your forum 3 mos ago and I find it very helpful since we are all in the same boat. NVC had received my ds230 forms together with all other documents that I submitted last October 4, 2006. If everything goes well, Im expecting my case to be completed before the end of October. Incidentally, I just found out that Im pregnant yesterday, about 1 month now since I missed my period this month. I want to know if my situation is ok during the medical exam, i mean, are they considering pregnant immigrant applicant still? I dont know the policy of the US embassy regarding my situation. Do i have to wait until I deliver my baby here in the Philippines before they will give me an immigrant visa? Please respond if you have knowledge regarding the matter. Thank you.
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    Pregnancy has nothing to do with your visa. As long all your papers are complete they will issue your visa.