Person Vue (CGFNS ID NUMBER = CGFNS certification number)

  1. just a simple question...
    i'm a NY RN candidate, i already received my notification from NY BRN that i am eligible to sit for NCLEX-RN and CGFNS-CVS for NY was already complete.
    i'm about to register for NCLEX-RN on person vue
    they asked my about my CGFNS certification number.
    i really want to register this weekend; the problem is: i don't know my CGFNS certification number.. i dont know where to find it. i already looked it up on CGFNS website and all i know is my CGFNS ID number... is it the same???
    sorry for this question, im really confused.
    the customer service for both cgfns and ny-brn are only available during the weekdays thank you very much in advance Godbless
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  3. by   tracespot_03
    hi, im also confused about this one. Is CGFNS CERTIFICATION NUMBER the same with CGFNS ID NUMBER?? Thanks in advance..
  4. by   Kuyafern
    Hey guys, i want to know this as well. Is the certification number the CGFNS ID number or the order number? I'm currently registering for pearson vue.