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  1. I am a US nurse looking to move to Australia. I haven't decided what part yet, but my options are Perth, Melbourne, Sydney. Can anyone tell me differences in pay and cost of living in those cities? Thank you!
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  3. by   joannep
    In order of expense to live: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth.
    In order of pay rates, I think Melbourne is a little a more than Sydney, which is more than Perth.
    Each city has a lot to offer, Sydney is a little manic, Melbourne is busy too, but not as bad as Sydney, Perth is very laid back.
    They all have great tourist things to visit, so look each city up on the internet and think about which city interests you the most, and then go from there.
  4. by   Djuna
    New South Wales has the highest pay rate. Sydney is in NSW but the cost of living there is the most expensive of any city in Australia.

    My partner is American and he notices the difference in the cost of living here compared with the US...a lot more expensive here.
  5. by   shazibabe
    have you looked into adelaide and if so whats wrong with moving here to work and settle????????????//