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Welcome to International Nursing. This is an area where we can discuss the nursing practices in the different countries and exchange ideas. Any questions regarding immigration please post in the Advice on Immigration. We request that only English is used. For those seeking country-specific forums please visit our renamed World Nursing section.

  1. Cytotec & induction of labor
    • Closed
    by TerriAV Oct 3, '98
  2. perinatal substance abuse
    • Closed
    by kayzag Oct 2, '98
  3. Staff Development
    • Closed
    by TerriAV Sep 23, '98
  4. advanced practice nursing
    • Closed
    by LindaC Sep 19, '98
  5. Research Opportunities in Mexico
    • Closed
    by asquires Aug 17, '98
  6. Australia or UK Nursing Licensure
    • Closed
    by LRichardson Aug 16, '98
  7. TOEFL?
    • Closed
    by Jul 31, '07

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