Overseas Nursing Programme recs? Overseas Nursing Programme recs? | allnurses

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Overseas Nursing Programme recs?

  1. 0 I am close to needing to take my ONP course- 20 day theory I am assuming. I am hoping for my decision letter shortly and need to make plans (for myself/hubby/kids).

    Any recs?

    We are in Cheshire.

    Manchester is a possibility- it's 2 weeks on campus (could take the train every day up and back). for 1200 pounds

    I spoke with someone in Continental Nursing back a year ago. She mentioned a place...maybe Bournmouth? only 3 days on site. (the dates aren't "great" but could be done. travel might be difficult? 3 days over a months time...4.5 h train ride)

    Any where else you suggest?

    3 days back to back that I could travel to and stay over??