Nursing Program for A Newly Opened University Clinic

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    Dear Co Nurses,

    I am a newly employed University Nurse wherein a clinic has just been set up. Please help me make programs to have our University credible for Acceditation for Higher Education. I honestly admit i have no experience in schol nursing angd until now am in the process of recalling my fundamentals...I'll be loking forward to your responses. Thank you in advance..
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    I just hope someone could help me out on this one? I desperately need a helping hand now....thanks...
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    what sort of programs are you looking for? Where are you?
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    What country are you trying to establish this in? Could be more specific? Is there not some sort of a governmental nursing board that you can get more information on these requirements?
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    For example, there is the blood donation campaign, dental hygiene and so forth...the thing do i start making up all the documentations? Can you give me any idea on how the documentation must start? I know I would be needing letters for the agencies concern,but my main point for now is how to do my job...