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    I would like to know if RPN's (Registered Psychiatric Nurses) are recognized in Nova Scotia? I am planning on moving to NS and I think it would be in my best interests to bridge over from LPN before heading that way, but unsure if RPN is something I should do.

    Also, is there a distance learning program there that bridges LPN to BSN?


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    It doesn't look that way, but I don't know for are the websites for the nursing Colleges.

    Good luck with whatever you choose. RNs & NPs LPNs

    A lot of nurses I know have used Athabasca to obtain their BScN and enjoyed it.
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    Registered psychiatric nurses are recognized in the 4 western provinces: Manitoba, Saskatchewan Alberta & BC.
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    Nope Psychiatric nurses are not recognised unless their training covers general that is Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult

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