Nursing in Finland

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    My best friend and I would like to move to Finland, as that is where he was born. We've visited several times now and I'm in love with the country.

    I'd like to get my associate's in nursing and practice there as a RN. Would they allow this, or should I have my bachelor's?

    Those online RN to BSN degrees- are they truly online? I would like to work in the middle east (probably Riyadh) for 2 or 3 years. Could I work on my bachelor's there?

    I have a strong interest in midwifery, but insurance premiums in the U.S. are so high that I wouldn't want to practice here. What would be the best way to work as a midwife in Finland? I'd be open to attending school over there if it was faster than a masters degree here in the states.

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    Usually they require 3 years of training so I don't think ADN will be accepted. Also Finland is part of the EU and you may have problems getting a work permit

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