Nursing Grants?

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    Hi everyone. I am originally from BC and am pursuing my nursing degree in Nevada. Does anyone know if there are any nursing grants available to British Columbians pursuing nursing and if so how do I go abouts to apply for one? TIA!

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    I don't think any organization in Canada will send funds to a student studying in another country.
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    I honestly don't think there are any provincial nursing grants available to former residents pursuing nursing education outside the country. It's hard enough for people living and being educated here to obtain funding assistance even with a lengthy return-of-service agreement. I was looking at funding applications early this morning and they all had residency requirements attached. So I think your'e out of luck...
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    I will be applying for a nursing education grant (I'm in BC), but I'm pretty sure it's just for students in BC. You have to provide proof of acceptance to an accredited school and a bunch of other stuff.
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    Does anyone know how easy grants & scholarships are to get for nursing students in Alberta?

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