NMC 2nd pack - Declaration of Good Health

  1. Hi everyone! I know that there have been several topics on how to complete the forms for the 2nd pack of the NMC application. However, I couldn't find a post answering this question:

    To complete the "Supporting Declaration of Good Health" form which is included in the 2nd pack, would it matter if the medical practitioner (MD) who will sign the form is a Medical Resident or Fellow (MD undergoing medical residency or fellowship)? or should it only be signed by a Consultant?

    Hoping for a response to this question as I'm in the process of completing my pack 2.

    Thank you guys!
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  3. by   tes holland
    Hi claudy, I think whoever is signing your documents should a qualified and a registered doctor. I would have them stamp it and declare their qualifications on the form.

    Have you identified a hospital /nursing home for your ONP and a university?

    I am looking for any hospital / nursing home offering ONP in the south east