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    I am a newbie here. I am planning to do my onp in uk as Im already in uk. any1 know nhs providing onp for theatre nurse. I am a theatre nurse with 2 years experience:heartbeat

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    The ONP isn't different for different specialities; it's just a general orientation to working in the UK healthcare system.

    What country are you licensed in? You do know that there's a whole long application process for registration that you have to go through before you can take the ONP, right?
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    Thank you coffee nurse. I am from India and I completed all the process and decision letter in hand.I approached via agencies and directly to nhs for me to get an onp and join any nhs theatres.But unfortunately I dnt get a placement till now.Thats why I am asking about it.:redpinkhe
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    I though ONP had to be done through a recognised course accepted by the NMC?

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