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newly registered nurse..needed a job

  1. 0 hey guys! im new here and im also a newly registered nurse! im planning to aply at ospital ng makati can somebody tell me the requirements needed? thnks!
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    congrats! u can call the HR or nsg dept or go there personally
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    thnks! can you give me some advice aout job interviews! omg! im still anxious everytime im thinking about an interview. )
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    Congrats!, I too am a newly registered nurse, anyhoo so your planning to have JOB interveiews already? Your not gonna take any trainings or such?, iM a bit clueless kasi on what should I do next whether i should train or apply already, btw you done with IVT?
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    Hi Guys, there's a separate thread for Ospital ng Makati. Some user's had actually posted the list of requirements there recently. Just do some back reading... aight.
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    just be yourself and be confident