Networking for RN Job

  1. I finished my Bridging Program already. I desperately need a job.

    How can one's network help land a job? If I have a friend or relative or an acquaintance or a friend of a friend who is working in a hospital, how can he/she help me have an RN job?

    Please help!
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    Friend of a friend is a bit too far removed I am afraid. You will have to win this one on your own.
    Have you tried aged care. Unless you have nursing experience to offer the Australian community, there are enough locals to fil jobs for inexperienced nurses I am afraid......but keep looking. Sponsorship, full-time positions are now few and far between, even in aged care. sorry...
  4. by   ceridwyn
    Have you tried Mount ISA?
  5. by   shampoostar
    I have an uncle in one of the hospital there, he talked to my mother and told her that he can help by talking to someone in the hospital to employ me. It sounded like there's system like that in OZ. Haven't heard from him for a month now.

    Mount ISA? No.