Male nurses in UAE?

  1. I'm looking to move to UAE to work for about a year. I've heard of the prevalence of discrimination in the system. From my understanding the heirarchy is as follows: Arab UAE nationals ---> Arab non-nationals --> North American/British ---> Asians... Well, funny enough I don't fall into any of those groups. Although, I am american and US educated, I am of african descent and a male. Has anyone of you nurses working in the emirates come accross a male nurses , specifically, a black male nurse? Can someone honestly tell me how blacks are treated there as far as work and general living is concern. I have been neuro- ICU nurse for 3 years and I've come to learn that the brain is what regulates or represents a person; not what wraps it. Therefore, pigmentation should really be a non-issue in this day and age.

    Also, I would like to know if they have NICU, TICU, neuro-ICUs, CVSU... etc like we have here in the states because some of us are much more comfortable with specialty nursing.

    Is it likely that I will find a hospital willing to offer a one year or less contract? Any good recruiting agencies out there? Any recommended hospitals? I just need that exposure.
    Thanks in advance
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