Let Battle Commence

  1. 0 Not much to do with Nursing I'm afraid (unless your working in a Cardiff hospital tonight) but very relevant to the UK.

    Tonight is kick off for the 6 nations rugby, and for me (being a little welsh lass) the most important match of all

    Millennium Stadium Cardiff

    Wales vs England.

    I'll be in an English pub, wearing my Welsh T-shirt with pride, singing my heart out and shouting like mad

    Any one else going to be following the Rugby
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    enjoy : )
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    as an English ex-pat I really enjoyed watching the game (albeit not live. )

    As my sister-in-law is Welsh I enjoyed it even more! :-p :-D
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    It was was brilliant game, on the edge of my seat throughput

    Disappointed the Welsh players seemed to have difficulty holding onto the ball

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