Italian nurse in USA

  1. Hi , i am an Italian student 2nd year in Italian university.
    I want have some international experiences after my degree.
    I want know what i will need for work in USA, uk, AUS, or Canada
    My 3years degree is equivalent to uSA 's nurse degree?
    I need an English certificate : IELTS is good? ( and which level?)
    Italian Masters and 2 years of specialization are valid?
    Thank you
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Need to look at both nurse requirements and immigration requirements. The USA you are looking at over 6 years wait for immigrant visa once you have found a employer willing to wait that long and you have met state requirements and passed NCLEX. UK will have to meet NMC requirements and if a EU citizen then working will be a bit easier as a work permit will not be required however jobs are suffering at the moment with many nurses struggling (like the USA) Australia look at APHRA and immigration. Canada will depend on province you want to live and work in to what is required and then you have to meet CIC requirements